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Jonathan Javier Garcia
United States
Current Residence: New York
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Country, Orchestral
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
MP3 player of choice: Ipods, no mp3
Favourite cartoon character: s. Urahara Kisuke, Shinji Hirako, Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez, Hisagi Shuhei
Personal Quote: "Courage makes heroes, but trust builds friendship."
Name: Hachiro Zetsumei

Age: 20 (human) 200 (shinigami)

Sex: Male

Appearance:Earring on left ear average height, young appearance but some age as well in facial appearance.

Hair: Short clean cut , dirty blonde, pointed sideburns connect to "chin strap" style beard, no mustache.

Eye color: Green

Height:5' 9


Weakness: Because of his large array of offensive abilities his defense is lacking somewhat.
________________________________________ ______________________________________
Clothing: White Zip up hoodie (open) Resembles a captains coat (Minus the squad emblem). With Fur Lining on the hood.

Top:white under shirt, silver necklace

Pants:denim jeans

Hand wear: cut off finger gloves (black)

Shoes: Black and white skater type shoes

Gigai Clothing: Same as street clothing
________________________________________ ______________________________________
Personality: Likes to stay out of troublesome matters but will put forth his greatest effort when defending the innocent and those close to him, he's cocky and loves the women.

Likes: Watching a good fight, Eating, and women (Love for women in a respectable, non perverted way).

Dislikes: Whiners, Laziness, Disrespect (Especially towards women).

Division: Former 11th squad division member, For his love of fighting.

Seat: 5th seat under Yumichika Ayasegawa
________________________________________ ______________________________________
Zanpakuto Information
Zanpakuto: Green hilt, with cross shaped hand guard (Like a christian cross, having nothing to do with religion)

Zanpakuto’s name: Tsuin Okamaru (Twin Wolves)

Zanpakuto’s seal state appearance: Green hilt, with cross shaped hand guard

Shikai release words: Raise your heads and Howl! Tsuin Okamaru!!

Shikai appearance: Twin Black Machetes, With fur lining on their hilts [link] (Minus fur lining)

Shikai abilities: A swing from either blade has the ability to fire a blast of energy like a scratch from a giant wolf.

Bankai's name: Ooji Tsuki Tsuin Okamaru (Princes of the Moon)

Bankai appearance: The Twin Machete turn into Twin Wolves with black fur and green lit eyes, Hachi's ear come to a point and his eyes glow green as well, His nails grow long and come to a deadly point.

Bankai ability: Hachi: - Nails are as hard as the blade of a zanpakuto and even sharper
- His eyesight is connected to the eyesight of his two zanpakuto (Whatever they see he sees)
- Both Hachi and his two wolf companions shoot green cero from their mouths
Okamaru: - Claws
- Super speed
- Green cero
Combined Attack: Tri-Wolf Royal Cero - Both Hachi and Okamaru join together, hachi places his hands on the two wolfs back's, They Charge up a triple beamed cero.
________________________________________ _______________________________________
- Way of destruction # 4: White Lightning
- Way of binding # 61: One Hundred Step Rails
- Way of destruction # 11: Bound Lightning
________________________________________ _______________________________________
History and Vizard Info
History: A former member of the Gotei 13's 11th squad, Hachi came from the "Fighting squad". While in SS, Hachi passed the time "perfecting" his swordplay as well as communing with his Zanpakuto spirit "Tsuin Okamaru". His love for the wolf, though unknown to him, can be traced back to his human existence and reflected in his zanpakuto spirit. Also Hachi had a keen interest in women, another trait derived from his human past. Eventually Hachi began dreaming of a derranged voice in his head, constantly yelling at him, threatening his existence. These dreams soon became his reality, as one day the inner voice took over and tested Hachi's will. Hachi overcame, and attained the abilities of a vizard. Knowing shinigami law Hachi knew he couldn't remain in SS and exiled himself from SS to the human world where he met others with the same condition, joining them to protect the humans from any and all negative opposition.

Mask appearance: Of course, Wolf like in appearance, almost Anbu black ops-like. The "horns" potrude upwards like wolf ears. The "Snout" potrudes outward (But not ridiulously far like rose's in bleach) to appear like the snout of a wolf. The "Mouth" is covered in sharp teeth like patterns, in a smiling design.

Mask abilities: Hightened sense, Significantly higher speed and strength

Hollow powers: Green Cero and Gran Rey Cero, Sonido, Other basic Vizard powers

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